IP Home Camera


About IP Home

IP home cam is here to help you guard and monitor your house and your belongings. Simply connect to all your IP cameras running on the local network and transform them into a perfectly safe security system! Get an overview of what is happening at your house.

Live HD Video Monitor

Keep your property guarded with live HD QUALITY video streaming as standard. Record video, time lapse and take snapshots easily!

Simple set-up

Set up your ultimate security system in no time! It is easy and user friendly. You do not have to be an IT expert. Connect as many devices as you like.

Night vision

Do not be afraid of the dark. It has no chance thanks to our smart night vision mode (if supported by the camera). Get HD quality video streaming 24/7!


Limitless security camera

The number of IP cameras units is limitless! Create areas, name them and begin to watch the scenes on your monitor.

Easy customization

Use easy drag-n-drop system to organize your device list and have immediate view of the cameras you prefer the most.

Smart camera controls

Move the camera, zoom in and out, take advantage of your IP cameras features!


Free trial

Feel free to start with IP Home Cam. Just connect your iPhone with your IP camera and you can watch whatever you care about. Easy setup and no registration is needed.


Security first

Security comes first and you can be sure that with IP Home Cam your property will be safe. Media is stored only on your device and communication between your iPhone and ip camera is encrypted for maximum security.


Safe & reliability

All communication between the CCTV devices is securely encrypted via cloud solution. Industry standard encryption is used to ensure that only your viewers have access to your stream.

NEW functions are COMING SOON!

icon Motion detector  icon Storage on iCloud, OneDrive, SD Card

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Get a secure monitoring system right on your phone.